The old Bishop's Chapel in the Museum decorated for Christmas

The Society's centenary year ended with a superb musical evening at the County Museum in Abergwili. The hall, decorated for Christmas, was full when Council member Heward Rees, the evening's leader, introduced Côr Seingâr. The choir performed two sets of Welsh choral music, their fresh young voices blending perfectly in lively harmony under their conductor Nicola Roderick.

Eiluned Rees, as Mrs Marie Trevelyan, a Glamorganshire Victorian author well known for her work on the folk-lore of Wales, read a selection on the plygain, the Christmas service held very early in the morning, and the Mari Lwyd. This was illustrated by an example of the traditional music sung at the service and the words sung by the men taking the horse's head round the neighbourhood at New Year. Jill Davies read an account of another folk tradition, the giving of a calennig at New Year as a token of luck.

Gwenllian Davies provided two sets of harp music, settings of Welsh and English carols setting off classical pieces by Mozart to perfection. The evening ended with recordings of pieces by Haydn Morris and William Mathias, two Carmarthenshire musicians of international repute.

President Towyn Jones brought the evening and the celebratory year to a close by reminding members of the busy and very successful programme which they had enjoyed since the first event last January, which had also been held in the Museum. This was the opening of an exhibition displaying some of the books and artefacts which early Society members had donated and which were the foundation of both the County Museum and the County Library. It was fitting that the year should also end in the Museum, which has always had close connections with the Society.