The annual Buckley Memorial Lecture was held in Llandovery at the end of March. The lectures, dedicated to the memory of Major Kemmis Buckley who contributed so much to the Society over many years, are intended to reflect some of his many interests. The theme selected for this year's lecture was gardening, when Graham Rankin spoke on the history of Aberglasney.

Mr. Rankin through his skill as a photographer showed the very large audience how the garden at Aberglasney had blossomed from what was once total dereliction. The various stages through which it developed were illustrated and the philosophy and ideas behind the careful restoration and renovation were explained. The inspiration for the latest section, the ninfarium, came from a garden planted in the ruins of a medieval hill village, Ninfa, situated south of Rome. In 2005 this unique garden, the Ninfarium, was created within the ruinous central rooms and courtyard of Aberglasney mansion. The remaining walls of the rooms were stabilized and the entire area was covered with a huge glass atrium. This area now contains a wonderful collection of warm temperate and sub-tropical plants including Orchids, Palms, Magnolias and Cycads.